As a large school we group our learners into Learning Communities. Each Learning Community has 4-7 classrooms. Our Learning Communities are made up of students who are the same age groups and they will often organise trips, sporting and cultural events and plan their learning together.

Our Learning Community names draw from a precious Ngati Kahungunu Tauparapara.

Learning Communites

Heretaunga Ararau (New entrants)
Heretaunga of converging pathways - a localised saying about the myriad of pathways that converge on Heretaunga due to this fertile oasis that is the Heretaunga plains.

Heretaunga Haūku nui (Years 1 and 2)
Heretaunga of the life-giving dews or waters - describes the thick fog that hovered over Heretaunga and the heavy dews when the first arrivals landed here.  The fog was the symbol of warm land, life enriching waters and a veritable breeding ground of fish, fowl and fruit to support the huge and diverse communities.

Heretaunga Haaro o te Kaahu (Years 3  and 4)
​​​​​​​Heretaunga from the eye of the hawk - the amazing beauty of the land, hills, plains, and waterways, which traditionally, could only be seen by the sharp eye of the hawk in full flight.

Heretaunga Takato Noa (Years 5 and 6).
​​​​​​​Heretaunga of the departed chiefs - only the land endures while people come and go, therefore strong leadership is needed to ensure that the land is safe for generations to come.  Heretaunga sets the scene for greater leadership over the challenges ahead.

We have one further Team Heretaunga Raorao Haumako. This Learning Team comprises the Specialist staff that support learning across the school and includes our Learning Support Co-ordinator, Coding and Robotics teacher, Specialist maths and literacy Teachers, Reading Recovery Teacher and ORS specialist Teacher.

Heretaunga of the rich, fertile undulating lands - homage to the lowlands or plains that are rich and fertile lands that produce its vast range of horticulture and viticultural fruits as well as the agricultural livestock that the lands sustain

Space Names

All our teaching spaces are duplexs (two classrooms/ two teachers working collaboratively). Rather than having numbers naming them, we have adopted a series of space names (new 2021). We thank Gem Te Huia and Whanau for their support in this process. These are:

Heretaunga Ararau - Of arcadian pathways

Te Roma - The Stream
Te Kato - The Flow
Te Ahu - The Orientation

Heretaunga Haukū nuiThe life-giving dew, the richness of the land, both in cultivated food and natural production

E Tipu - To Sprout
E Rea - To Grow
Te Pua - The Blossom

Hāro o Te Kāhu (Haaro o Te Kaahu) the beauty of which can only be seen by a hawk in full flight. 

Te Aro - The Focus
Te Eke - The Embarking / The Embarkment
Te Rere - The Flight 
Te Rangi- The Sky

Takoto Noa - The humble servant. 

Te Āki - The Encouragement
Te Tuku - The Offering
Te Māhaki - The Humility