Frimley School is not operating a lunch bar in 2022.

There are a number of outside providers who can supply a healthy lunch, delivered to the school at competitive prices.

See below for information about 'Kai Time' a locally owned business who deliver directly to school.

The Lunch Bar has now closed.​​​​​​​

KaiTime - Fueling the next generation

We are a Hawkes Bay Maori owned company that provide nutritious, affordable and sustainable packed lunches for school children right here in sunny Hawkes Bay. Our mission is to make sure every child has at least 1 sufficient meal a day that is packed with nutrients and all the good things that our region has to offer.

$20 a week per child will get your child...

- Prepared morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and delivered straight to your child's school premises (Monday - Friday)

- We do do hot meal days, but with the hot Hawkes bay weather these wont be very often in Term1. We post the menu and will give notice as these hot meals get delivered at lunchtime so you will have to supply morning tea for your child on these days.