Transitioning to school

Starting school as a five year old is the beginning of an exciting journey and is full of change, for our five year olds, their families and Whanau. 

At Frimley School, our ‘school visits’ programme aims to transition our newest students from their pe-school or kindergarten to school, in a caring and confident way.

Once our school has received your child’s fully completed enrolment form, you will receive the Frimley Parent Handbook.  This will have all of the information you would like around life at Frimley School.  

6 months before your child turns 5

  • You will be contacted by the team leader for New Entrants at Frimley School to check in with you and to discuss our 4 year old programme.  

  • Frimley School runs a 4 year old programme on Tuesday afternoons from 1:45-2:30pm for any 4 year olds on our enrolment list.  These children have a chance to get used to Frimley School and some of the activities and learning that a big 5 year old does!  

  • This is also the time for parents to be welcomed into our school community, have any questions answered, and to meet the range of staff working with our children on a daily basis.

8 weeks before your child turns 5

  • Our team leader will be in touch to organise classroom visits for your child.  These are really important as they allow your child to get to know their classroom teacher and the class they will be learning in.  

  • Each child is offered 4 classroom visits on Thursday mornings.  However, we try to cater to our individual family’s needs and our days/times are often changed to suit.  We also can offer more classroom visits for children and families that would like this.

4 weeks before your child turns 5

  • This is when your child’s first classroom visit will start.  

  • Your child’s classroom teacher will structure these sessions so they are available to answer any questions and to get to know your child.  

  • You will also receive any information specific to your child’s classroom.

What can I do with my child before they start school?

Every child starts school with their own interests and strengths which makes our New Entrant rooms at Frimley School dynamic and interesting places to be.  However if you are looking for tips and things to encourage your child to try, before starting school, some ideas include:

  • Counting, counting, counting!  
    Adding counting into everyday life is a great way to get children ready for their maths learning.

  • Recognising their name.  
    This helps children to be independent quickly if they can recognise their name in and around the classroom.

  • Writing their name.  
    This is always helpful for starting school.  If you are starting this with your child, we encourage you to use the little letters throughout their name.

  • Reading stories to your child.
    This helps your child to grow an interest for books and grows their oral language.

  • Discussing shapes and colours.

  • Independence is key.
    For example, try encouraging your child to use the toilet on their own, use zippers and buttons successfully and putting away their toys when they are finished.