Transitioning to school


Why Frimley?

Frimley is a large (550-600 students) school on the western side of Hastings, near the Hospital and expressway. We have a diverse student roll and are decile 4. Our students come from a range of areas but predominantly within our zone.   

We have a large, enthusiastic and committed team of teachers, learning assistants and support staff. We aim to provide a broad, rich and student centred learning programme where all learners reach their potential and experience success.

 Frimley students are involved in a lot of hands on practical learning and experiences to not only support their learning but to create the memories so important in childhood.

We strive to provide our learners with the very best opportunities and innovative programmes and resources to support their learning. What happens in schools now is probably quite different from what it was like when you were there. Why not come in and see us in action?

When do I enrol my child at Frimley School?

  • Once you have decided that Frimley School is the school for you, it is a great time to enrol!  The sooner the better.

  • Enrolling your child at least 6 months to 1 year before their 5th birthday, is recommended.  By having your family’s details, Frimley School can help guide you through getting your child ready for school.  There are many opportunities such as school visits and a 4 year old programme that are available to our enrollees.

  • Please remember to change your contact details with our school office once you have filled in an enrolment form.

How do I enrol my child?

  • Our school office has our enrolment forms waiting and our school office is open between 8am and 4pm for you to pop in to fill in an enrolment form.  Our office staff are also there to help you.

  • When you have completed the enrolment form you must provide the following documents:
    *  Birth certificate or passport
    *  Immunisation certificate (this is in the back of your Well child book or ask your family doctor for a copy)

    Please have the following information ready to help you fill in the form:

  • *  Your contact details
    *  The contact details for an emergency contact person
    *  Any medical information including your doctor’s contact details.
    *  Any legal documents can also be shared at this time. (Eg, custody or access agreements that we should be aware of.)

Please remember to update your contact details with our school office once we have your enrolment form so we can keep in touch!

What to expect next?

Once our school has received your child’s fully completed enrolment form, you will receive the Frimley Parent Handbook.  This will have all of the information you would like around life at Frimley School.  

12 weeks before your child turns 5

Please be aware that timelines need to take into consideration our school holidays

  • Our team leader will be in touch to organise classroom visits for your child.  Each child is invited to join their classroom on a Wednesday afternoon as a class visit. Because our school visits are run every Wednesday, your child will be able to attend as many or as few as you think they will need.  Our team leader will be able to talk you through this and provide you with all the dates and info that you need! These visits are really important as they allow your child to get to know their classroom teacher and the class they will be in.  

  • During these visit times the children will get to know their classroom teacher, friends and where all the important places in school are!  

  • These visits start at 1:45pm and move through until 2:30pm.  
    However, if your child has an older family member at school, we often keep visitors until 2:50pm so all children in a household can be picked up at the same time.

  • During these visits, parents are welcome to stay in the classroom but we also hold information sessions for parents with other adults in our school so you can get to know what happens at Frimley School.  Alternatively, you may leave school (pop away for a quiet coffee) and pop back in for pick-up time!

What can I do with my child before they start school?

Every child starts school with their own interests and strengths which makes our New Entrant rooms at Frimley School dynamic and interesting places to be.  However if you are looking for tips and things to encourage your child to try, before starting school, some ideas include:

  • Reading stories to your child.
    This helps your child to grow an interest for books and grows their oral language.

  • Recognising their name.  
    This helps children to be independent quickly if they can recognise their name in and around the classroom.

  • Writing their name.  
    This is always helpful for starting school.  If you are starting this with your child, we encourage you to use the little letters throughout their name.

  • Counting, counting, counting!  
    Adding counting into everyday life is a great way to get children ready for their maths learning.

  • Discussing shapes and colours.

  • Independence is key.
    For example, try encouraging your child to use the toilet on their own, use zippers and buttons successfully and putting away their toys when they are finished.